What are you doing today that will benefit the woman you will be 15-20 years from now?

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Experience the SAGE community through our workshops, conferences, sister circles, and special gatherings.

Quarterly Newsletter

Receive the latest info on policy, health, housing, caregiving and finance relating to Black women aging well.


"In Her Shoes," features SAGE women personal stories on their aging journey. Learn from these real-life experiences.

Virtual Community

Participate in conference calls, video chats, and webinars offered by SAGE and our community partners

Elder’s Council

Join the Elder’s Council to share your experience, wisdom and knowledge; and provide advice, counsel and support to SAGE Sistahs.

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SAGE Events

Currently, SAGE Events are held in the Oakland/Bay Area, Sacramento Valley Region, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire.

What Can You Expect to Learn at a SAGE Event?

You’ll walk away from these events with expert guidance, specific action steps, sustainable tools, and strategies you can immediately use to prepare for a more financially secure, healthy, and fulfilling life as you age gracefully.

Financial Planning

Create a vision for the life you want;  assess your resources, and create a savings plan to live a financially secure life in your latter years.

Mental Wellbeing

Focus on your emotional, psychological, and social needs so you can live the life you desire.

Estate Planning

Learn about the legal documents you need for protecting yourself, your family and your assets.

Family Caregiving

Discover resources for your roles as parent and family caretakers, including planning and supports for aging in place and community. 

Health & Wellness

Make lifestyle changes like eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, reducing stress and getting adequate sleep to help prevent chronic disease and to stay healthy and vibrant throughout your life.

SAGE Community

Enhance your social support networks and engage in knowledge-sharing, peer support, and action planning with a community of Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance.


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