Sac Sistahs Talk Love, Dating & Relationships

For the second leg of our Summer Reunion Tour we headed to Sacramento for SAGE Sistahs Talk Love, Dating & Relationships!  We spent an evening engaging in libations and conversations on the trials and tribulations of being boo’d up at our SAGE stage of life.  As is true in most things, we learned that there is no one size fits when it comes to romantic companionship.

While some SAGE Sistahs were looking to be coupled up again, others were perfectly happy and content to remain single. We discussed the risks and rewards of online dating, explored dating sites specifically targeted older adults and Black folks, and reflected on benefits of the old school way of being matched by family, friends, and acquaintances. We also shared our wants, desires, deal-breakers, and challenges related to Love, Dating & Relationships. 

Ultimately, we agreed it was best to take an inward journey first to truly understand and pursue what’s most important for your individual fulfillment. For all our SAGE Sistahs, whether or not you’re interested in beginning a new intimate relationship or thinking about moving on from the one you’re in, we wish you endless loving relationships with yourself, family, friends, community, and other special people with whom you share your life.

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About Carlene Davis

Carlene Davis is Co-Founder of Sistahs Aging With Grace & Elegance and Principal of Strategy Muse Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that partners with mission driven organizations to strengthen their internal development and deepen their social impact. She has also been told that she missed her calling as a party planner.

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