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Bay Area SAGE Sistahs Celebrating the Aging Journey

The Sage Sistahs Summer Reunion Tour concluded in one of our favorite Bay Area cities: Oakland! On Saturday, August 5 Our ‘OakTown’ Sage Sistahs came out in full force to reconnect, reenergize, and “Celebrate the Aging Journey” once again.  We were thrilled to be in the company of over 80 Sage Sistahs. From the beginning…

Sac Sistahs Talk Love, Dating & Relationships

For the second leg of our Summer Reunion Tour we headed to Sacramento for SAGE Sistahs Talk Love, Dating & Relationships!  We spent an evening engaging in libations and conversations on the trials and tribulations of being boo’d up at our SAGE stage of life.  As is true in most things, we learned that there…

Sage Sistahs Brunch & Salon: The Generation X Edition

An invitation for a Brunch and Salon event that was held in Los Angeles that includes a picture of a group of Beautiful Black Generation X women attended the event.

The Sage Sistahs Summer Reunion Tour kicked off in Los Angeles where we pioneered our first-ever conversation specifically focused on the perspectives of our Gen-X Sage Sistahs (b. 1965-1980).

Sage Conversations about Cannabis

This is a flyer entittled Sage Conversations about Cannabis. April 29, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.

As part of our 2021 Avante Garde Learning Series, Sistahs Aging With Grace & Elegance invites you to join us for an educational forum to discuss the conflicting narratives surrounding the powerful herbal plant — Cannabis Sativa. During our time in community, we will: Get a better understanding of the healing properties of cannabis sativa…

Black Women & Blockchain

For all of our SageSistahs who attended our Blockchain event, the Black Women’s Blockchain Council has loaded the event video to YouTube. For those who were unable to attend, we recommend watching the video, we assure you that you will learn some great information. The link is here:…      

Is the stress of being black killing us?

During this COVID-19 era, it is finally evident to most that it is stressful being Black/of African descent in America. There is inequality for Black people in all American institutions: education, health care, banking as well as income inequality and brutality and injustice in the criminal justice system. All this makes living while Black in…

Black Women: Still on the Aging Journey Together

As Older Black women, we are at a higher risk for this virus. Black communities are experiencing a double pandemic but racism  was here much longer than COVID-19.  It is important for us to acknowledge and express the full range of our emotions.

Sistahs Aging in the middle: Caring for children and older family members

The woman in the middle is middle-aged, middle-income and in the middle of care giving for parents, young-adult children and sometimes grandchildren.

The woman in middle has little time or ability to focus on her own health, financial, emotional, or social needs because of her role oftentimes as primary bread winner and primary caregiver.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We are so excited to announce that 2019 marks the 5th Anniversary of Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance (Sage Sistahs). Our first public kick-off convening was held in 2014 in Sacramento — and we are so honored that you have continued to join us in “Celebrating the Aging Journey”. Together, we have engaged in best practices…

Los Angeles Sage Sistahs Celebrating the Aging Journey

From Sacramento to the Bay and then to LA;  Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance (SageSistahs) and the California Black Women’s Health Project (CBWHP) completed their 2018 statewide tour of “Celebrating the Aging Journey” event in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Veteran’s Memorial Complex at 9 a.m. in Culver City. Celebrating…

Celebrating the Aging Journey: Our Beauty | Our Wisdom | Our Legacy

April 21, 2018 For the third year in a row, the Bay Area Sage Sistahs showed up and showed off while Celebrating our Aging Journey on April 21, 2018, a sunny day on the beautiful campus of Merritt College. We conversed about the importance of having a “G-Team” or Go To Team for ongoing support…

Celebrating the Aging Journey: Affirming the Beauty & Wisdom of Our Years

On February 24, 2018 Sacramento Sage Sistahs spent the day affirming the beauty, wisdom, and experience we’ve gained through our aging journey. Old connections were renewed, new friends were made and shared experiences assured us; we are not alone. We gained new tools in financial and estate planning and how to keep our brains and…

Bay Area Sistahs Share Their Reflections On Celebrating The Aging Journey (April 22, 2017)

Sistahs Aging With Grace & Elegance (SAGE) and the California Black Women’s Health Project (CABWHP) were honored to Celebrate The Aging Journey with over 75 Bay Area Sistahs on a beautiful spring day at Merritt College in Oakland, California! Click on the header above to watch a video and learn what our sisters had to…

Bay Area Sistahs Celebrating the Aging Journey Photos- 2017

SAGE back in the Bay at Merritt College.

She Redefined Her Life

Calm, peaceful and untroubled are not words people use to describe a single, working mother. Before 2011 when Rosa Green retired at 57, you could not use those words to describe her life either. But today, Rosa, (62), is a SAGE Sistah All-Star because she planned for this stage of life and now is living…

Kiara Harris Radio Interview

Kiara Harris, SAGE Co-Founder, smiles

Greetings SAGE Sistahs! Today, I am posting a 2016 radio interview conducted by Eddrick with Viewpoint Radio! The radio interview is with me, Kiara Harris, co-founder of Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance (SAGE). We discussed plans for the March 5, 2016 event in Oakland, California. The radio interview includes our discussion of SAGE as a…

Celebrating the Aging Journey in Oakland – 2016

First event in Oakland, California.