Is the stress of being black killing us?

During this COVID-19 era, it is finally evident to most that it is stressful being Black/of African descent in America. There is inequality for Black people in all American institutions: education, health care, banking as well as income inequality and brutality and injustice in the criminal justice system. All this makes living while Black in America a health risk. The cumulative impacts over a lifetime can result chronic health problems including heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and diabetes. Daily incidents of racism, discrimination and micro aggressions without methods to intentionally resolve, mediate or remedy these acts can lead to a life of internal conflict, rage, and needless suffering. So, what are African Americans supposed to do to relieve ourselves of these burdens?
The not so simple answer is self-care. Seek out and find ways to create, peace, relaxation, joy and happiness in your life. “Scientific studies have begun to reveal a host of physical health benefits surrounding happiness including a stronger immune system, stronger resilience in the face of stress, a stronger heart and less risk of cardiovascular disease, alongside quicker recovery times when overcoming illness or surgery. There is even a body of research that indicates being happy may help us to live longer lives.”
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About Kiara Harris

Kiara Harris is a social entrepreneur and consultant on issues she is passionate about. She is Co-Founder of Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance (SAGE) and has 30 years of experience in public agency communication including cause marketing, media relations, community outreach and engagement. She is a fiction writer and completed her first novel, Room For Rent, in 2016.

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