Bay Area SAGE Sistahs Celebrating the Aging Journey

The Sage Sistahs Summer Reunion Tour concluded in one of our favorite Bay Area cities: Oakland! On Saturday, August 5 Our ‘OakTown’ Sage Sistahs came out in full force to reconnect, reenergize, and “Celebrate the Aging Journey” once again.  We were thrilled to be in the company of over 80 Sage Sistahs. From the beginning of this occasion, the music, flowered tables, and delicious lunch foretold of a day of warmth and sisterhood. It was truly a momentous opportunity to nourish our minds, bodies, and souls while reflecting on what we need in our lives, homes, and communities to thrive through every stage of the aging Journey.

Sage Sistah Reverend Cheryl Ward opened our gathering with a call to our ancestors and an honoring of the spirit and legacy of all the dynamic women on whose shoulders we stand.

Collage of beautiful Black women attending a SAGE event at Merritt College in Oakland, CA.

After the opening invocation, we kicked off an afternoon of fun, fellowship, love and care. From Spectacularly Seasoned Bingo to Qigong movement with Master Sheldon, smiles and laughter filled the room. At the same time, we also came together to learn about valuable resources to help us better prepare for our aging journeys:

This truly wonderful day would not have been possible without funding from the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and the steadfast support of our Sister Partner and Fiscal Sponsor, California Black Women’s Health Project.

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