Aging has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that.

—Eartha Kitt

About Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance

Promoting a safe, healthy, satisfying, financially secure, and active life for women as we age.

Sistahs Aging with Grace & Elegance (SAGE Sistahs) is a movement to honor, celebrate and support African-American women as we transition into our Golden Years. As one of the only organizations in California specifically dedicated to Black women and aging, SAGE Sistahs was born out of a desire to build an aging support network informed by the unique history, needs and lived experiences of African-American women.

Our goal is to enhance the aging experience for African-American women by providing education, resources and tools to empower women to make intentional life choices for thriving at every stage of the aging journey.



We address specific risk factors faced by African-American women and provide culturally relevant services to inform our decisions and enhance our quality of life as we age with grace and elegance.

California’s Senior Population will Nearly Double

According to the Public Policy institute of California, PPIC, California's over-65 population will expand to more than 8.6 million in 2030. California will see a strong senior growth in every ethnic group. Along with this growth, the number of seniors facing difficulties with self-care will almost double. By 2030, California will likely see the following population increases in older people:

All Over 65


African Americans


Over 85


Women 75+


will be childless

Risk Factors and Solutions

There are a number of risk factors African-American women particularly face in their aging journey. Yet, SAGE believes you can enhance your quality of life as you age if  you have the information, tools, resources, and support to take the steps to age with grace and elegance.

Risk Factors for African American Women

Health and Chronic Disease

Stress and Mental Health

Poverty and Economic Insecurity

Housing Insecurity

Caretaking Responsibilities

Limited Access To Resources

Structural and Institutional Racism

Services & Supports for Aging Well

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Develop Estate and Advance Care Plans

Plan Financially for Retirement

Create A Vision for Aging in Place

Connect to Aging and Elder Care Resources

Establish Intentional Family and Community Networks

Join Aging Sister Circles throughout California

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a dynamic and connected community of African- American women in their Fabulous 40s, Phenomenal 50s, Sensual 60s, Sensational 70s, Elegant 80s, Naughty 90s, and beyond who are flourishing at every stage of their aging journey.